Donia’s Spa strives to enhance life one person at a time, using an holistic approach, allowing the body to feel balanced and blessed through intention and relaxation. Step back in time & treat yourself in an “apothecary style” spa. Enhancing your senses with organic fruits, honey & pure essential oil aromas, for a mind, body & spirit rejuvenation, naturally. Offering all natural spa services for the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. Take a look at the services I offer and call to book your appointment today!

NYR ORGANIC are the only oils that I use in my spa.  Synthetic (fake) oils only trick your nose, but not your brain.  They only smell like the real thing!  Pure essential oils benefit your whole being.

Check out my website for NYR Organic: US.NYRORGANIC.COM/SHOP/DONIANORMAN for more info OR Call me at 850-544-3698 for an appointment.  Facials and massages include a complimentary elemental nature balance with these scents.

By using my Independent Consultant website link above, you can customize your order and have it sent directly to your home!


Independent Consultant for NYR Organic: